Vimaplás at Technical Solutions from ANTEPROJECTOS magazine

Vimaplás at Technical Solutions from ANTEPROJECTOS magazine

Cracks appear even in the most recent construction and their elimination usually means high costs beyond the inconvenience of having the space under construction. Vimaplás has the solution to solve this problem of cracks in interior walls and ceilings: Novelio fiberglass wallpaper.

Saint Gobain's Novelio brand, distributed exclusively by Vimaplás, has a wide range of smooth or textured fiberglass wallpaper that allow them to be finished with the painting selected for the project. The Novelio brand is widely used in central and northern Europe and is a valuable resource to avoid crack concerns and is suitable for remodeling projects as well as new construction. Its high mechanical resistance prevents the appearance of cracks and can be used for remodeling interiors on existing cracks and also for uniform walls and ceilings.

Besides the possibility of applying paintable Novelio, Vimaplás presents to the market options already finished with elegant and modern design. This has been the option of several projects:
• Hotel units
• Commercial spaces
• Health facilities

These designs have a high demand and require durable and high durability products, allowing to fit into the decoration an anti-cracking product with great constructive arguments:
• Easy and quick to apply
• Gives surfaces impact resistance
• Is abrasion resistant

Vimaplás has at its disposal the professional technical advice you can use to understand what is the best solution for your project. Come visit one of our showrooms in Lisbon or Porto and get to know these and other differentiating materials.