ETICS a quality demanding solution

ETICS a quality demanding solution

Growing concerns about energy efficiency in Construction and increased comfort within public buildings and private housing have led to the ETICS being seen as one of the most efficient solutions for thermal insulation.

Making an ETICS project, however, rises some concerns about the materials to use. This System requires a wide range of materials whose quality is essential for it to work and so that there are no problems that endanger its integrity.

The fiberglass mesh is a key element to ensure the strength and lifespan of ETICS. Its basic function is the resistance to alkaline components of the mortar and to the loads on the System.

In Vimaplás product portfolio we can find Viplás® range, fiberglass meshes for ETICS from the most common to the so-called Panzer meshes for areas with increased impact requirements.

Viplás® fiberglass meshes designed for ETICS not only refer to compliance with ETAG004 but also attest their quality with LNEC's (National Laboratory of Civil Engineering) approval.

As a specialist in fiberglass meshes, Vimaplás offers products that are suitable for various applications such as ETICS, Concrete wallcovering and Waterproofing, but also complementary accessories such as PVC Profiles with net, Mechanical fastening and even hand tools, ergonomic and with higher quality steel.

The majority of the most economical meshes we find on the market are produced with C-type glass, an inferior quality to the recommended ETICS meshes, which have type E.
Another aspect to take into account is the anti-alkaline treatment given to glass yarns. Effective treatment against alkaline components present in the mortar is based on SBR (styrene-butadiene), but other less expensive treatments are often found on the market which are ineffective and allow alkalis to attack glass yarns, eliminating the fiberglass mesh function in ETICS.
Both characteristics above only become visible after laboratory testing, which is why Vimaplás opted to homologate its Viplás® meshes in LNEC for structural reinforcements applications.

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