Discover the benefits of Exterior Thermal Insulation System (ETICS)

Discover the benefits of Exterior Thermal Insulation System (ETICS)

Exterior Thermal Insulation System - or ETICS - is an insulation solution designed to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings.

The ETICS system usually consists of bonding mortar, insulating board, net reinforced mortar and a thick colored coating. This system improves thermal performance by storing heat in the walls to create a more comfortable environment.

The types of materials used can vary between systems, making it flexible to suit different structures and building designs. This feature makes ETICS a wise choice in terms of rehabilitation.

Why do we need ETICS?

The facade of a building is usually the largest surface area between the inside and outside environment - where a great deal of heat loss can occur. Insulating the exterior walls from the outside is an efficient way to protect against heat energy loss.
ETICS works to insulate the vertical facade of a building - whether it is an individual detached house or an entire building. This prevents temperature loading, weather-related damage, and condensation problems.

Key benefits include:

Elimination of thermal bridges and reduced risk of interior condensation
Energy savings and environmental friendliness
Rehabilitation without homelessness
Aesthetic renovation
Repair of anomalies in old renders or coatings (cracks, stains, etc)
Improvement of the walls' impermeability

Vimaplás has all the ETICS accessories you need, especially the fiberglass nets, where we are producers and market leaders through our brand Viplás®. These nets are manufactured with 100% glass fibre yarns according to a double torsion process which gives them a high resistance to traction, a fundamental factor in the reinforcement of coverings, being these the only fiberglass nets homologated by LNEC - National Laboratory of Civil Engineering - in Portugal.

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